Haywood Contracting


Haywood Contracting provides a first-class service in all aspects of river and pond restoration, maintenance and enhancement. Our team have acquired immense experience in different systems of green engineering whether its river erosion, fishery management, pollution control, habitat creation and woodland management for wildlife.

We work closely with organisations such as the Tyne Rivers Trust (TRT), Tweed Forum, Cheviot Futures and the Environment Agency. We have restored many sites along the river Tyne with particular emphasis on reducing siltation for Freshwater Pearl Mussels. As a TRT approved contractor, all our materials are sourced sustainably and we utilise materials found on site innovating green engineering techniques wherever possible. Our project portfolio is growing as the demand for skilled river and lake specialists has increased and environmental work is becoming a large part of our business. Some key features of recent projects include; silt stabilisation for the protections of fresh water pearl mussels and migratory fish, riverside tree management, agricultural land bank erosion and flood prevention using complex log jams and willow weaved banks, wetland and meadowland habitat creation.

You will receive a professional yet friendly service from our team that will remain throughout the project. We aim to maintain exceptional relationships with both clients and regulatory bodies so that challenges may be easily overcome and expectations met. The result? Is a natural, sustainable solution that will stand the test of time, combining the best of traditional and modern methods. Encouraging wildlife enhances recreational value that meets economic and environmental concerns equally well.

River Bank Erosion Control

River bank erosion is fast becoming a huge challenge for local authorities and the Environment Agency, affecting property and infrastructure such as roads, pathways, agricultural land and bridges. Yet managing erosion often requires environmentally friendly and socially acceptable but cost effective solutions. Haywood Contracting are experienced in a range of green engineering techniques adopting a more natural approach to riverbank erosion whilst encouraging vegetation growth and habitat creation. Our ecologically sensitive and ‘good practice’ methods promotes bio-diversity and often prove much more cost effective than the hard engineering approach. An example of some our services include:


  • Brushwood/willow bundles
  • Engineered Log Jams
  • Flood Plain Log Jams
  • Biodegradeable geotextiles
  • Willow weaving bank protection
  • Log terraces
  • Green toe protection
  • Root wads
  • Current deflectors


  • Retaining walls
  • Re-enforced earth
  • Stone revetments

Mitigation Solutions

Haywood Contracting has an in-depth knowledge and practical expertise in river processes, riverine ecology, river engineering, fishery management, pollution control, and erosion control and habitat creation. For all works carried out we can apply for EA and SEPA relevant licences and all working method statements to cover all possible application processes.

Land Reclamation

Haywood contracting is experienced in tackling many land reclamation and restoration projects from simple land improvements to large-scale ventures.

Whether it’s the implementation of a drainage or planting scheme, site clearance assignment, silt extraction job or complete re-development of a brown field site to amenity or agricultural use, Haywood Contracting have the equipment and expertise to manage the job from start to finish.

Planting and Habitat Creation

Haywood Contracting have a wealth of experience in creating, restoring and translocating habitats, from the initial design stage through to practical implementation and monitoring. Whether your project is conservation driven or mitigation strategy-led, we can tailor our approach to meet the specific requirements of the project. From one-off campaigns to regular habitat maintenance, Haywood Contracting provide a full range of habitat and planting solutions to help build sustainable eco-systems that stand the test of time. Our services include:

  • All aspects of tree works - including felling, coppicing, pollarding, woodland management
  • Grassland management
  • Aquatic/wetland ecosystems
  • Biodiverse planting
  • Improving habitat connectivity
  • Woodland, scrubland and hedgerow restoration
  • Habitat manipulation